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Internal Family Systems 
Expanded States
& Beyond

of Healing

The Moxie School 

The Moxie School represents a Healing Revolution.  It’s edgy. It challenges the status quo. It’s electric and alive! 


The Moxie School is a community of healing that’s not meant to be just a 3 hour or 3 month event and then we all say goodbye.  No, this is a school of connection and ongoing support that welcomes collaboration over years to come. 


We heal in relationship, we stay in relationship, we are community. 


In his recent book, No Bad Parts, Richard Schwartz, PhD. writes: “unburdening ourselves and one another is all the more important…that takes working together.  We need to build communities of support for these shifts to happen, especially when they’re seen as countercultural..." pg 188. 


Welcome to The Moxie School.  It’s a community of healing.  It’s a community of support, mentorship and learning.  It’s a safe space for you to learn how to heal, how to clear out your burdens and elevate into greater Self connection.  As you learn to implement these personal practices your life and the work you do will become alive and full of joy and purpose.   


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IFS Informed Integration

Approach is a course designed to support you in the entire process of exploring expanded states of consciousness

For Preparation, Journey and Integration 

Approach is an
integration paradigm  

Approach provides a new way of: 

  • knowing yourself

  • relating to yourself

  • being with yourself

  • processing your personal material 

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Healing Healers Mentorship Program

For practitioners who know they want to work with both IFS and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

You know about IFS but not fully fluid in working with parts?  Don't really know the "model" yet?

I'll teach you the model.

We'll practice together.

You'll get to start working on your own personal material.

You don't have to do this alone; there's a community here to support you.

Get the foundations for being a Self-led Psychedelic Assisted Therapist and Integration Provider


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with IFS


A course for IFS trained practitioners who know the flow of the IFS Model and want to support clients in the integration of expanded states of consciousness. 

Explore the value of the IFS approach in navigating expanded states of consciousness

Learn the intricacies
of building the
"mindset scaffolding"  

Explore parts unique to psychedelic journeys

Take a deep dive into what psychedelics are teaching 

Learn to integrate difficult material unique
to expanded states

What is IFS Informed Integration?

“IFS Informed Integration” is a paradigm of integrating material from expanded states of consciousness (or altered states of consciousness) through the lens of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model. 


These expanded states of consciousness are often experienced through meditation, holotropic breathwork, or plant medicines such as ayahuasca, San Pedro, psilocybin, or others such as Ketamine.  


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy is emerging as well supported research outcomes show its efficacy to heal deeply seated wounds; what we call in IFS, “burdens.”  These burdens are what are often referred to as mental health diagnoses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.  


IFS Informed Integration starts with integrating material from expanded states from an IFS lens to support the healing transformation process for an individual. But, ultimately this “integration” is the integration of the whole person.  Meaning, where one was previously fragmented and disconnected from themselves as a result of emotional burdens, they become integrated back into their wholeness.

The Way It Works

There are lots of avenues to go within. IFS and Psychedelic Medicines are two of many.

It's important to understand that "going within" is the way towards healing yourself.

By bring conscious awareness to yourself, and coming into a more clear relationship with yourself you'll be well on your way to healing. But this is not the way we've been taught to be. Most of us have no idea how to "go within" or what to do once we get there.

The courses at the Moxie School are meant to support you on your journey of going within.  Whether you are engaged in IFS therapy, or a psychedelic explorer, the Moxie School will support you in exploring your inner landscape.

There's a lot to discover in there!

Life Transformation Guide

As a Life Transformation Guide, I blend together the principles of psychotherapy, education, and my inner knowing to guide you. 


The reality is, you are actually the expert of your own self.  You have all the answers, guidance and direction within you.  You just may not know how to access it yet.  I support you in getting there.  

I guide you within by teaching you the theory, principles and steps to go inside.  Then we practice it.

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified IFS Therapist.  I am also an Approved IFS Clinical Consultant by the IFS Institute, which means I can approve your hours for IFS Certification once you've complete the official IFS Level 1 Training (per the IFSI requirements for certification).  


Over the past 15+ years I have found nothing compares to Internal Family Systems (IFS) and working with Expanded States of Consciousness.  These modalities are the most intensive healing modalities as they increase conscious awareness to our wounding so we can more easily heal it and reconnect to our personal wholeness.  

Healing Healers

Mentorship Program 

Next Cohort: April 2023

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Flight Manual


The synergy between IFS and MDMA is very clear.


  My healing experience using MDMA was profound and immediate.  While MDMA allows you to reach a special place in your mind, the IFS framework is like a flight manual for how to make your way productively through that space. 


The parts work that was normally a hazy recall of certain emotions and feelings became bright, vivid, and alive. 


IFS therapy makes so much sense when paired with MDMA.

Buried Childhood Trauma


Years of buried childhood trauma were impacting my life and relationships in so many unhealthy ways with anxiety, OCD, childhood sexual abuse, and feeling stuck in my pain. For so long, I doubted whether healing would even be possible for me.  Using IFS therapy, I realized that all the “diseases” and “craziness” I carried in such a negative space inside were injured parts of me that were crying out to be heard and healed. Because Heather believed those parts could be brought into the light and redeemed, I started to believe it too. Now with Heather's guidance and support, I not only believe healing is possible, I know it because I am living proof. 

IFS & Plant Medicine


I have been so impressed with Heather's incredible amount of knowledge about IFS and doing plant medicine journeys.


She is so kind and understanding and helped prepare me for my journey experiences; which helped me to be ultimately really calm.

It was such an awesome experience and I was able to gain so much insight into some things that have been keeping me stuck. 


I would highly recommend combining IFS work and plant medicine journeys to really get to the root of hard to discover issues.


If you are even thinking about exploring this option, Heather is the best!

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